Hybrid Cloud

The Protechhelp Hybrid Cloud Platform seamlessly unifies Protechhelp appliances with the resources of the Protechhelp Cloud, providing the most available, cost-effective, and capable business continuity platform. A hybrid cloud approach allows Protechhelp to provide secure onsite backup and DRaaS, ensuring recoverability in any disaster scenario. On-prem servers are protected with Protechhelp BDR appliances and mirrored automatically to the Protechhelp Cloud, improving fault tolerance while both increasing available resources for DR scenarios and providing immediate access to all retained backups.

Protechhelp Hybrid Cloud provides:

  • Availability and Data Integrity for any sized business: Local and offsite backups with ZFS data integrity
  • Departure from tape archives: Reduced necessity to purchase more local storage as a result of data growth or backup pruning restrictions
  • Standards compliance: Confidently comply with regulatory mandates relating to data protection and data recoverability
  • Infrastructure control for MSPs: Best-in-class solutions without platform maintenance responsibility
  • Bandwidth optimization: Protechhelp SpeedSync weighted replication, with efficient LZMA2 compression

A smarter hybrid cloud

Is your business deciding between the high up-front costs of a private cloud solution, versus a public cloud, which offers seamless scalability but ever-increasing monthly fees and even greater exit migration costs? A hybrid cloud approach can unify these two approaches, but costs and capabilities are often limited by poor integration between general purpose clouds and general purpose appliances.

The Protechhelp Cloud was built for remote backup, archive, DR and availability - and perfectly extends Protechhelp on-premise appliances to provide Protechhelp Hybrid Cloud Platform. Systems within the Protechhelp Cloud leverage Protechhelp Inverse Chain Technology, and unify backup with an RPO-optimized DR solution, to provide the best DRaaS solution available. Protechhelp Hybrid Cloud Platform is employed on SIRIS 3 (Appliances, Virtual or Imaged) and ALTO business continuity solutions.